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What is Guru?

The Video Platform for Kids, made with parents and creators in mind!

Awesome content!

With content from big names you've heard of, and hundreds you haven't, Guru stands out from the crowd by curating the best content, with none of the "extra" stuff (no ads!)

With tons of categories for every curiosity, you can explore Guru forever, trying something new all the time!

Check out some of our incredible creators here!



From our curated content, to a complete lack of in-app advertising, Guru removes the stress of the no-holds-barred internet from giving your child time to explore! With the ability to control what content they can see via age recommendations, topic filters, and more, Guru puts parents in the driver's seat.


With our focus on kids and parents, Guru is the #1 place for creators who are focused on them too! By helping creators scale their work to exactly their audience, we've created an incredible place to engage with families, while growing too. And the better we make Guru for creators, the better Guru becomes for everyone!


Why wait?

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